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The O.C. debuted 7 years ago today

On August 5, 2003 The O.C. debuted and changed teen drama forever.  To commemorate the anniversary I guess I’ll post my story about finding out about the show and watching the pilot.

I remember hearing about the show in July 2003 since I live in Orange County, California (about 5-10 minutes outside of Newport) so I was interested in seeing what a show based on where I live would be like.  I also was an 11 year old kid who did nothing but watch crappy FOX shows.  I literally watched every show on FOX in the early 2000’s from Boston Public to Ally McBeal to Greg the Bunny to Titus to Temptation Island to Joe Millionaire, you name it.

Anyways so on August 5th I sat down to watch this show without knowing any of the actors that well going in, outside of Mischa Barton who I vaguely remembered from that lesbian movie she did.  I was immediately captivated and addicted to the show, it was the greatest hour of television I had ever seen.  Many teen dramas today fail to nail character chemistry, but I immediately found myself loving the Ryan/Seth friendship, the Ryan/Marissa romance, and Seth/Summer romance.  For some shows the couples and friendships just don’t click but it all did on The O.C.  I immediately became addicted to the message boards and it seemed like overnight the show was just a sensation.  I also used to frequent The Pool House blog a lot, anybody remember that?  I actually remember the night the second episode aired I was on my way home from a baseball game on a school bus with my summer camp, and everybody was huddled around my hand held TV trying to watch “The Model Home.”  It also seemed like during this time period they replayed the new episodes at least 2 or 3 times per week.

I also remember people going CRAZY when Marissa overdosed in Tijuana before the month break.  I mean everybody knew she would survive but there was still just so much suspense.  Should have kept her alive in 2006 too Schwartz!

There was also an O.C. marathon on FX after the summer episodes and I remember me and my buddies just sitting there all day and watching this marathon.

Anyways, enough about my early O.C. experience.  Anybody else who watched the show from day one or at least around that time period have a story to share?  Leave it in the comments section!


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