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My favorite episodes of Chuck

Lots of lists on here right now, mainly because Chuck and Gossip Girl are on hiatus.  I haven’t posted an article here yet focusing on Chuck, which is my favorite current show on television and created by Josh Schwartz (and Chris Fedak).  While The O.C. is my favorite Schwartz show, Chuck has been the most consistent out of Josh’s three shows.  Despite a few episodes in Season 3 that made no sense (Sarah and Shaw hooking up) the show has stayed pretty consistent.  Here are some of my favorite episodes.

5. Chuck Versus the Other Guy- This was a great episode, after acting like a sissy for 2 and a half years Chuck finally sacked up and shot Shaw and hooked up with Sarah. Shaw was also a great villain in this episode, much better than when he was a “good guy.”

4. Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami- Rachel Bilson’s two episode stint on Chuck was great and this was her final episode. Chuck also kissed Sarah for the first time on this episode, and we found out Bryce was alive. The ratings skyrocketed for Chuck around this point and it was really when the show began to find its footing.

3. Chuck vs. the Subway/Chuck Versus the Ring: Part II- The Season 3 finale was great, Chuck’s Dad dying was very emotional and it was great for Elle to finally find out Chuck’s secret. To be honest it never made sense for him to hide it from her in the first place since it ultimately put her in danger, it was mainly an annoying plot device. The Chuck/Shaw fight scene at the end was one of the best in the history of the show.

2. Chuck Versus the Ring- Amazing episode, had many shades of The O.C. Amazing cliff hanger too, this was the absolute peak of the show and some of Josh’s best work in years. Josh Schwartz knows how to write one hell of a season finale (outside of The O.C.’s Season 3 finale).

1. Chuck Versus the Colonel- If Chuck got canceled this could have served as a season finale. Stephen Bartowski was great and Chevy Chase was surprisingly good as the villain. There was a sense of closure with this episode.


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