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Review of Gossip Girl’s Season 4 premiere

Sorry the site hasn’t been updated that often, last month was kind of a soft launch.  I’ll be posting reviews for most Chuck and Gossip Girl Season 4 episodes.  Last night Gossip Girl premiered, here are some random thoughts.

-The baby storyline, as contrived as it is, actually made Dan watchable again after I fast forwarded most of his scenes last year with Vanessa.  I hope Georgina doesn’t leave for good and that her letter in the end wasn’t the end of her this season.  How stupid is Rufus to not force Dan to have his own paternity test?  Shouldn’t they have learned from the whole Chuck/Mom paternity debacle?  The storyline is dumb but it is better than the dumb shit they did in Season 3.  I think there’s a chance it might be Scott’s (Dan and Serena’s illegitimate brother).  Didn’t they insinuate him and Georgina were fucking last year?

-I liked Katie Cassidy’s character, she and Nate actually had chemistry and the ending with her seemingly being obsessed with Gossip Girl was intriguing.  I hope she actually becomes somewhat of a normal character and not just a villain because she could really help this show as a regular.

-Blair’s bullshit is getting old.  She is so hard to like, why should I care about her being jealous about Serena getting into her same college?  Wanting to rule the school?  Please.  This bullshit is why I can’t tell anybody I watch this show.  Blair is still acting like she’s in high school with her petty bullshit.  Also Serena is a total slut.  One of Gossip Girl’s major flaws over the last 2 years has been making just about every character more unlikable.

-This episode was severely lacking Chuck and Jenny, my two favorite characters on this show.  I know Jenny is going to miss a lot of time in the first half of Season 4 and that really sucks.  At least Chuck showed up at the end I guess.  I found his whole thing at the end really soapy.  So what, does he have amnesia or does he want to be a new person?  Whatever the answer is, Josh and Stephanie are running out of ideas.  Also is it just me or does his new girlfriend look like a man/transvestite.  It just felt weird to look at her.

Overall, the episode was alright.  It’s clear the show is running out of ideas, but this episode was more entertaining than most dreary Season 3 episodes.


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