the unofficial fan blog of the o.c. creator josh schwartz


Welcome to!

Welcome to the first ever fansite dedicated to Josh Schwartz, the creator of The O.C, Chuck, and Gossip Girl.  On this blog I will post my random thoughts about old O.C. episodes, characters, storylines, and what not.  I’ll also sometimes talk about what’s going on with the actors.  While I am a huge fan of Josh’s work he has done his fair share of dumb shit on his shows, so expect this site to analyze the good and the bad from his shows.  Another reason I opened this site was to get some buzz going about getting The CW to resurrect The O.C.  I feel like if 90210 and Melrose Place can get resurrected by The CW, why not The OC?  We just need a little bit of buzz.  It would get better ratings than most of the shit on that network if they were able to get most of the main cast back INCLUDING Marissa.  Yeah I know she was “killed off” but stranger things have happened on television, I’m sure Josh and his minions could find a way to get her back on.

I’ll also review new episodes of Chuck and Gossip Girl when they both begin their fourth seasons next month, and post other random thoughts about them.